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Porch View Home

Porch View Home French Willow Candles

Porch View Home French Willow Candles

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Wonderfully scented candles poured into a clear glass container within a beautiful French willow basket with detailed packaging that makes a great gift that will burn memories into their heart for hours of enjoyment.  Approximate Burn time is 50 - 60 hours with proper care and trimming of wick.  5"h x 5"d

Available scents:

Citrus Hills - essence of groves of ripened grapefruit, orange & lemons

Southern Sweet Tea - essence of freshly brewed tea, lemon slices and sugar

Tillage - essence of farmhouse wood blend with subtle notes of freshly harvested greens

European Red Currant - a savory essence of blended herbs and tart red currants

Crisp Cotton - a crisp and delicate essence of freshly laundered linen

English Tea - essence of steeped white tea leaves with hints of blended botanicals

Lemonade Stand - homemade mixture of fresh lemons, sugar crystals and mint

Havana - essence of an open air market with lemon balm and pineapple

White Guava - hints of tropical inspiration using the essence of white guava

English Rose & Thyme - essence of heirloom roses with freshly gathered herbs

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake candle is a cherry combination of sweet and tart, buttery and bright.

 Winter Cabin candle sells of pine logs with whisps of chimney smoke.

 Tuscan Olive candle fragrance is a mix of sweet olive blossoms with hints of mediterranean fruits

Ginger And Blood Orange -Fragrance of exotic citrus and spice. Freshly sliced blood orange and ginger root.

Southern Peach Tea- It will fill your space with the essence fresh sliced peaches with fresh brewed tea.

 Holiday Home -a gathering of evergreens and spiced holiday.

 Christmas Tree Farm candle is a collective fragrance of fresh-cut fir, spruce and cedar
Midnight Mass - entering a church or sanctuary filled with the frankincense and Myrrh evoking the holy essence of christmas 
Sanctuary- aromatic essence of cedar and sage

Made in the USA

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